Trustworthiness of Vagina

Do you ever ponder what different cuts your woman can experiment on with her juice box? Seeing a nice looking, hairless pussy is always a pleasing thing, but what if she wants to do more than the bikini line every now and then. TRIM YOUR MUFF presents all of the different designs a lady can cut her pussy hair. The graphic time line shows you what shaves are dependable and which ones are untrustworthy that you should be careful of.


It’s a entertaining time line with titles and pictures of how the muff is trimmed. You will witness cuts such as The Egyptian Hairless, The Rising Sun, The Drunk Razor, The Target and a lot more.  You will given the chance to spread the love of this hilarious graphic onto any other social media page with the HTML code that is provided on the website. Visit TRIM YOUR MUFF for the finest descriptions of the different cuts of the pussy hair.